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Market your Vacation Home or Spare Room

Kootenay Area Speciality

Create a Listing

I will personally create a listing in an online platform like AIRBNB to showcase your vacation or short-term rental house or bedroom. I can also teach you how to get the best out of each platform.

Create a Website

Let the world know about your vacation house or short-term-rental. I can create a website for your vacation or short term rental property. You can also list your place on AIRBNB and other platforms whilst running your own website. Utilize my experience and insight into this area.


I can manage or assist host your web platform listings; welcome your guests, arrange cleaning or any errands your require. I can also market your online listing or your vacation or short term rental website.

Solution driven for you and your business


Websites Small Business

Market Your Vacation Property

Lifestyle Management

We engaged Kimberley for her knowledge, direction and input into the sharing economy.  She has created innovative listings on AIRBNB, STAYZ and Kimberley also created our own website for our Short-Term-Rental.  Love her hard work and ethics.

Brooke Brugnoni

Cooks Hill Parkside

Kimberley has been instrumental in keeping my business digitally local and global.  She creates and attends to my online Short-Term-Rentals in Canada and also creates and develops my websites for my business.

David Hughes

Timeline Aviation

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